Reviews : “Omar”

“vibrantly shot by Ehab Assal (lots of Middle Eastern shades of terracotta and orange)”

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Rob Simpson 04-June 2014 The geek show
“ Rami offers himself up as a victim of circumstance. The similarity between Omar and Agent Rami is one of the most singular influences behind the confusion of Omar’s plight and the crucial success of the film.
The same feeling can be transmitted to the cinematography. Ehab Assal has framed this part of the world with the honesty of intent that could only come from someone who truly understands what is at stake for these freedom fighters. His lens provides the film with all the evidence one would need for an uprising. Of a less circumstantial light, Assal’s cinematography is nothing shy of striking.”

Mitchell Beaupr-Letterbox Jun 11, 2014
“ With the help of Ehab Assal’s gorgeous cinematography, Abu-Assad roots
Omar in this location”

SUFFRAGETTE – Lucy Popescu
“ Omar is brilliantly captured by cinematographer Ehab Assal,”

 Martin Hafer – Influx Magazine

“Filmed with the beautiful backdrop of Palestine’s Nablus and Israel’s Nazareth, cinematographer Ehab Assal helped bring Abu-Assad’s vision to life, as we see Omar paint himself into a corner, leaving himself with no way out. Perhaps this is representative of the conflict between the two countries.”

David Salazar Latinospost -

Abu-Assad and cinematographer Ehab Assal shoot the action in a long wide take that not only emphasizes how massive the wall is, but how small Omar is attempting to scale it.”

Neal Dhand – POP OPTIC
“Director Hany Abu-Assad, cinematographer Ehab Assal, and production designer Nael Kanj achieve a gorgeously soft look with washes of whites and pastels. The well-choreographed chase scenes through narrow back alleys and courtyards are exhilarating and reminiscent of several classic international spy films.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s by Deborah Young
” Abu-Assad and his cinematographer Ehab Assal have every shot under control and rarely need to go overboard to convey a strong emotion.”