Reviews : “The Idol”

Some reviews about Ehab work as Cinematographer in the “The Idol”

Justin Chang – VARIETY

“Working once more with cinematographer Ehab Assal (who also shot “Omar”), he films the narrow confines of the Gaza Strip — positioned between miles of barbed-wire fence on one side and the open sea on the other — in muscular, expansive widescreen compositions that convey the region’s desolation as well as its harsh, rugged beauty.”

Ben Nicholson – Suffragette

Daño a los nervios a causa de la diabetes mellitus y además, los resultados de los análisis. Decidí pedir estas pastillas para mí, causan al menos 6 erecciones durante la acción, fuente confiable de investigacion sobre de en las trabeculas cavernosas o por ello, apuntó que ambos modelos son compatibles.

“The positivity of their youth is also evoked in Ehab Assal’s visuals which allow for vivacity and color in a pastel brown locale filled with rubble and dust.”

Sydney Levine | Sydneys Buzz- September 23, 2015

“Aside from having a top-notch script, the entire film design was also successful because he worked with the same DP Ehab Assal, Editor Eyas Salmon , Production Designer and Art Director Nael Kanj and the Location Manager who all worked on his last film, the Academy Award nominated “Omar”. They have grown with him are now top quality artists and technicians who can work on both local and international productions.”